April 21, 2018

Marine Turtles Hatching at Sonadia Island by Isabela Foundation

Turtles are an important component of the marine ecosystem and serve as indicators of the health of the environment in which they live. 

The study was conducted to know the present status of conservation and management of sea turtle in Cox’s Bazar district. Data were collected by physical survey, under the direct guidance of Isabela Foundation and the teams. In the present study, it was found that two species of sea turtles have been making nest in Bangladesh. Major nesting sites of turtles were St. Martin’s Island, Teknaf, Bordal, Sonadia Island, Kutubdia Island, Pechardwip, Inani Beach, Moheskhali Island and Shahporirdwip. About 21,942 hatchlings were produced and released by the Foundation as a conservational step. Winter season was identified as nesting season for sea turtle. About 45% of the respondents thought that turtles were beneficial while other 40% of the respondents thought turtles were harmful. It was found that the nesting of sea turtles was reducing and there was lack of knowledge among the people of the study area about the importance of sea turtle conservation and management.


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