September 11, 2021

The Beauty of Bandarban…..

Bandarban is unanimously regarded as the most remote region yet the most exotic travel destination in Bangladesh. Be it the range of lush green hills with tiny little organised villages on them, the mighty mountains covered in cotton like clouds or the furious fountains and soothing streams of crystal-clear water that comes out of them, Bandarban has all of them. All the highest peaks of Bangladesh – Saka Haphong, Tazing Dong, Zow Tlang, Dumlong, Jogi Haphong, Keokradong are located in Bandarban district. The hills and mountains are full of beauty and wonder.

Among the eye-catching places, the most remote and least populated Bandarban is a popular destination for its adventurous, distinctive and scenic landscape. The beauty of its forests, numerous waterfalls, tallest peaks and lifestyles of 15 different ethnic groups attract tourists from both home and abroad. Nilachal is the Most beautiful Place of the Bandarban district.It’s place one side of the city. But hole city are cover from it’s amazing view.

The most exciting thing about the Nilgiri is the Spiral Sangu River flowing over Bandarban. From here, it seems that the Sangu river is very close to you. You can enjoy the beauty of the Sangu river from here. If you look at the small boats that run through the Sangu river’s chest, it will seem from a distance that a dreamboat is flowing through the Sangu River.

The Army’s Bandarban Brigade Headquarters has to be contacted in advance for a stay and night stay at the Niligiri Resort with modern facilities. The Nilgiri resort is a very stunning place to hold these scenes in the memory of tourists. couple of unique lying tourist cottages, Namely, Akashnila, Meghdoot, has its presence up at Nilgiri tourist centers in the remote hills.

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